Off Course Cabaret

The Off Course Cabaret was an interactive dance and performance exhibition at the Underground Theatre in Duluth, Minnesota. Tall Rocks planned and programmed the entire event to highlight the interactive research we’ve been doing and celebrate our creative community. We gave some of our most creative friends access to laser projection, sound reactivity, and motion capture technology and let them have fun. This event is a great example of our heart. Creativity, risk, innovation, collaboration, and great dance music… all wrapped into one. This project was made possible by support from Audio Visual Resources and the Nor Shor Theatre.

Lead Dancer

Matías Valero


Matthew Wagner
Matías Valero
Daniel Benoit

Guest Performance

Zeb or Zeke and the Runaway Screamings
Zenith City Horror
Magic Smelt Puppet Troupe
The Crunchy Bunch

Visual Artists

Adeline Wright
Justin Andersen

Projection Design

Daniel Benoit


Lance Karasti
Daniel Benoit