Beta is the pet research project of owner Daniel Benoit.
It began as an interactive projection based concept room for Solve Entertainment. Using the Xbox Kinect and Leap motion sensors, Daniel, with the help of friends and other techs online, created an interactive room to explore the future.

Unfortunately… it took a lot longer to get it all working than planned.

So for the time being, Solve is building an escape room around the projection surfaces. Solve will be using the research and technology from the room to create an amazing escape room experience. In the meantime, we’re looking for more funding or another space to continue the research. We’ve also reached out to commercial interests to start exploring ways beta can become self-sustainable.

Building something totally new from scratch is a difficult and energy consuming process, but it is the impossible that drives us. Tall Rocks’ core mission is to explore the frontier and develop new ways of using technology to create incredible experiences, for both artistic and commercial applications.

It may be offline for now, but this story is far from over…

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